U.S. News and World Report Feature

How to write a supplemental essay

April 16, 2018 - 2 minute read -

I was contacted second semester by a reporter from U.S. News and World Report who wanted to know if I would mind if they used my supplemental essay for Tufts in one of their upcoming articles.

They actually ended up featuring the entire thing in the article. All in all, a pretty cool five minutes of fame. I’m attaching it below for posterity.

“As the son of two journalists, I have grown up under a lifelong inquisition: How is your room such a mess? Can you please stop chasing the cat? Will you come down from the tree already? Granted, those are all from this past year, but the point still stands. Like any good journalists, my parents have also always had a propensity for uncovering the truth. On the third night that I had my license, I decided to go to the library to study. Before 15 minutes had passed, I noticed the librarian peering at me through the shelves before quickly averting her eyes and whispering, “He’s here,” into her phone. Even so, regardless of how many spies they’ve hired over the years, I have always looked up to my parents immensely. However, I have found my inherited inquisitiveness to be a trait most useful in a place far from the realm of reporting: the robotics lab. After four years of spending almost more time in the lab than at home, I have learned that nothing is more important than asking the right questions. As a programmer, I need to be able to communicate with my builders. Come press time, if I don’t interview them properly, our robot will invariably end up as a hunk of unresponsive aluminum. To make a machine, the team must work as one. So although I may be writing source code instead of a breaking story, I am glad I had such nosy parents after all.”