Space 1026 Mini-Documentary

Sociolinguistics Fall Term 2016 at Swarthmore College

December 1, 2016 - 1 minute read -
video production

During the first semester of my senior year at Strath Haven High School, I was lucky enough to take a class at Swarthmore College: Sociolinguistics with Prof. Jamie Thomas. For one of our projects, we created a documentary about a Philadelphia art collective. You can find it here.

In center city Philadelphia, down 11th and Arch Street and to the right of a small doorway, a string hangs connected to a rusted bell and a sign that reads “Please close le door.” At the top of a steep flight of stairs, the scent of just-painted walls lingers in the air. The sound of footsteps crossing creaky wooden floors echoes through the narrow hall. Within these vibrantly abstract walls, the inhabitants of Space 1026 quietly wind down for the night. An interior detail of Space 1026.

Space 1026 is an artistic community defined by its creative and linguistic richness, opportunity for collaboration, and connectedness. During our November 29th visit we had the opportunity to speak to both old and new members of Space 1026, or “Space,” for short. Through interviews, these community members described what Philadelphia and its art culture means to them as creators. Our short documentary provides a look into the real and imagined communities of Philadelphia’s art scene as detailed by local creators.