Polykhroma: You

A private concert

April 10, 2018 - 2 minute read -
c++ music

For the third Polykhroma exhibition, the curators of the event reached out to us to put something together. The description of the theme this time around was:

“You,” a show of interactive installations, looks to highlight how our community engages with art. On April 20th, join us for a fun and exciting night of artistic interaction and creation; where through various mediums you are invited to share and consider your experiences through art.

Our idea was to try and create a stilted concert experience where the viewer was not only able to have complete autonomy over the performers, but they would similary be the only one able to hear the music they were, in a way, conducting. The three other people involved in this project are all big music nerds, so they can up with a more or less intuitive system that allowed the viewer to change what they were hearing without having to know all the jargon and music theory that accompanied it.

The first cluster of keys chose a chord and then the subsequent clusters each modified that chord in some way whether that be turning it major, minor, sus, etc.

The instruction once inputted was then displayed to the musicians whose job it was to vamp on it. They ended up doing this for about 3 hours straight.

I had a decent amount of leftover footage afterwards that I wanted to do something with but wasn’t sure exactly what so I made the video below if you want to see the music machine live and in action.