Polykhroma: Instances

Intances and Intervals

March 19, 2018 - 1 minute read -
web design animation music

About roughly 3 times a year, a student group at Tufts, Polykhroma, puts on an exhibition of art created by other students on campus. Each show typically has some sort of theme that submissions are encouraged to incorporate in some way. This show’s theme was Instances.

For my group’s submission, we wanted to combine some element of each person’s specialty. First, we had one member, a pianist, play some resonant instances on piano and record them. Next, based on those recordings, we had another member created abstract animations that attempted to pair with the instances and visualize them. Lastly, I created a web platform that would play these instance/animation pairings in a random order for however long a viewer was to remain on the page. I actually put this on sometimes in the background still when I’m studying because it’s pretty soothing. It’s currently hosted here, but fair warning that the loading time isn’t great so make sure you’re on a strong network. The final name of the piece ended up being “Instances and Intervals”.