Point Pickup

Summer Internship 2k18

August 24, 2018 - 2 minute read -
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Over this past summer, I worked as a full-stack engineer at a Greenwich-based startup named Point Pickup. Point Pickup is an Uber-like service primarily concerning itself with package deliveries and it does a good share of its business with major retailers like Target and Walmart to handle deliveries originating from their stores.

During my time at the actual office, my major project was to involve taking 20 or so wireframes outlining the new website design and implementing them.

As I came closer to finishing most of these, I knew I wasn’t the biggest fan of the current landing page design so I went and got permission to draft up some ideas of my own. This is what the currently proposed page looked like:

And this is my proposed design:

One of the CSS tricks I included in this to try and make it more unique was to use a CSS grid layout for the background gradient layer so that I could easily add/remove/transform polygons as they seemed appropiate which made for much quicker prototyping than if I had had to position each of them absolutely. Additionally, I had been noticing a trend on modern pages to include more isometric elements so I wanted to see what I could do with them here. Without adding much strain on the loadtime due to these elements getting their simple shadows/animations from just a few lines of pure CSS, I was able to use isometric components to showcase the app’s screenshots and as well as the onboarding buttons.

Seeing as Point Pickup is a company on the smaller end, there was always an odd or end that needed doing that may or may not have aligned perfectly with my actual job title. Whether that be photoshopping out typos from promotional materials sent from a Romanian contractor, writing a story about a Point Pickup driver who went from being homeless in Jacksonville, FL to owning a fleet of 3 trucks himself, or handling a delivery personally because a driver bailed last minute, I would equate my experience working at a startup as thus: