Medium of Fashion, Spring 2018

Fashion class at Tufts w/ Prof. Judy Blotnick

June 2, 2018 - 2 minute read -
clothing design

Prompt 1:

The Box: Design a box so that the outside expresses how you think other people percieve you and the inside represents how you perceive yourself.

The idea with this one was to create a box that looked the same from no matter what angle you looked at it from the side. No perspective provides any more insight than another upon first glance. But if the viewer then takes a second to study the box more intently their eye will naturally be drawn to the top of the container due to the movement in the box’s shape. They will then be able to see a trace of the lights through the plaster cloth on top. The box is fixed shut.

Prompt 2:

Miniatures: Creat 9 miniatures of the same variety, atempting to improve upon it eith each progressive iteration.

I really enjoy using gradients when it makes sense to but generally I associate them with digital works so I wanted to try and combine a gradient with some organic material. After filling my pack up with as many green apples as I could sneak out of the dining hall that night, I mixed some paints and ended up with this. This is the best picture that remains of this one unfortunately, this project has long since rotted.

Prompt 3:

Transformation: Take a material and use it to make something while disregarding its usual intention.

A Montclaire-inspired vest made out of Hefty brand trash bags and stuffed with shopping bags.

Prompt 4:

Wearable Tech

Not much more to say about that one.

Prompt 5:

Custom Clothing Line: Develop a line of clothes all your own.

For the final clothing line I decided to do more with wearable tech and AR namely because I had been wanting to get more acquainted with Unity and C# anyways. For this, I used the classic Tufts Champion crew neck that pretty much everyone on campus owns and I used its iconograpy as an image target in Vuforia. Vuforia is pretty much a framework that makes working with AR a lot easier and lets you pair images with their respective models in 3D space.